Videos & Movies

There are a wealth of great videos on beaver out there and some excellent documentaries.

Beaver Video Clips online

Beaver Dam Builders - BBC

Some great underwater footage of beavers building dams from BBC's Sir David Attenborough BBC Earth series.

Beaver Lodge Construction Squad- BBC

Some more great footage from BBC Earth from BBC's Sir David Attenborough BBC Earth series.

Beavers are Geniuses - National Geographic

A somewhat cheesy narration, but an otherwise very interesting video from National Geographic.

Homesteading Beaver Duo - National Geographic

An interesting little dramatized segment on a dispersing beaver looking for a mate from National Geographic Channel.

Baby Beavers - National Geographic

Another segment about baby beavers being born from National Geographic Channel.

Beaver Lumberjacks - National Geographic

Another segment about beaver preparing for the winter in the fall and felling trees, from the National Geographic Channel.

Beavers: Curious Creatures - National Geographic

A final segment about the curious anatomy and behavior of beaver, from the  National Geographic Channel.

Beavers in Utah

UDWR Beavers: Creators of Habitat

Beavers as Genetic Engineers

Beavers as Genetic Engineers from Thousand Cords on Vimeo.


Beaver in the News

Beaver Assisted Restoration - Oregon Field Guide

Your short course instructors are featured here on Oregon Field guide for their work in Bridge Creek on studying how beaver can be used to help restore incised streams to the benefit of steelhead. This Oregon Field Guide video appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting earlier this year and features interviews with Michael Pollock & Chris Jordan, who will be coteaching an ICRRR Short Course next September with us on 'Partnering with Beaver in Restoration Design'.

Largest Ever Beaver Dam Discovered... Gets Big Media Attention - Rachel Maddow Show

See here for more information and links on this discovery.

Rachel Maddow Show

Full Beaver Documentaries

Beavers: the Biggest Dam Movie You've Ever Seen

This IMAX film is a fantastic docuemntary on Beaver with some amazing footage. The trailer is shown below. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can also watch the whole film online.

Beavers: The Biggest Dam Movie You Ever Saw (Trailer)

Grey Owl's Strange Guests

A 1936 Documentary on Grey Owl's guest beaver and his friends. This is a great video to see that beaver conservation is not necessarily a new thing. 

Grey Owl's Strange Quest

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